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Jan 30

Life in the Winter WonderLand

I may have mentioned that we live in a place that winters last a really, really long time. If you do not learn to deal with the snow and cold you will go completely crazy, please do not ask how I know this 😉  For the past three weeks it has been so cold, school has been cancelled a lot. It has finally warmed up enough to go outside to deal with some of the snow. So I thought I’d take some winter wonderland photos for you all to enjoy! GE DIGITAL CAMERAWe decided that it was time to get the kids into helping with the grooming of the yard, so in the fall we purchased this 4wheeler with a plow on it. Joel enjoys doing his fair share of plowing. Even with the truck with a plow and the 4wheeler with the plow someone has to get close to the buildings. Here is a photo of me before I started shoveling. GE DIGITAL CAMERAAnd this is what I was headed to dig out, the chicken coop was just about buried. GE DIGITAL CAMERAI shoveled a little path to feed and water them. Also checked to make sure they were all ok. GE DIGITAL CAMERAThere they all are warm and cozy as can be. They can not wait to get back out free ranging in the green grass and eating bugs like they were meant to do. Oh wait maybe that is me that can not wait for the green grass and trouble of bugs. But for now this is God’s beauty we have to enjoy for a few more weeks  or in all reality months .

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  1. Elaine

    Those are some beautiful snow pictures!

  2. Gwen

    Elaine, thank you for visiting Picking Up the Pennies! and double thank you for commenting, I love readers that talk to me.
    I am really trying to treasure the beauty God is blessing us with. There are a ton of areas with no water, we will not have that problem.

  3. gisele

    amazing snow!!!! it looks so peacefull.

  4. Karen

    Hey there! It seems we have some things in common… I am also a 40ish mama who lives out on the land up in Sequoia National Forest in Ca.. I will enjoy reading your blog and am a FB follower now too.

    1. Gwen

      Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by! I visited Sequoia National Forest once in 1995, very very beautiful area. The trees are of course amazing. I was stationed at Merced, at Castle Air Force Base and took a road trip. I will visit your blog. Please make your self at home at Picking Up the Pennies, and come back soon

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