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Feb 04

Swagbucks: Swag Hearts Collectors Bills

Sometimes you like somebody so much you just can’t find the words. Some people might think it’s cheesy to use somebody else’s words to convey feelings but wouldn’t that eliminate most of the greeting card industry? We can’t have that can we – especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner!Not everyone is a fan of Valentine’s Day, some even not so fondly refer to it as Singles Awareness Day! However, there is one thing we can all agree on, we all love those small candy hearts! You know, those little pastel-colored candy hearts whose mouthfeel seems remarkably similar to chalk. It’s not so much about the taste or feel though, it’s all about the memories they trigger and how they make you feel.Well Swagbucks has cooked up a batch of those candy hearts that are sure to make you feel great. They call them Swag Hearts!Collect all 5 candy heart-themed Collector Bills and you’ll earn a 20 SB bonus!For those of you who are wondering what Collector Bills are, I’m here to explain.How Do I Get Collector Bills?It’s simple. Search the web through the Swagbucks Search Engine through Friday, February 12th at 11:59pm PT/Saturday, February 13th 2:59am ET, and when you get a search win, you may get a special Collector Bill valued at either:8 SB14 SB25 SB32 SB39 SBWhat happens when I get a Collector Bill?When you win a limited edition Collector Bill you’ll receive the value of the bill and the bill will be added to your “Collector’s Bill” ledger. Collect all 5 bills and you’ll instantly earn a 20 SB bonus!Is it possible to collect the same Collector Bills multiple times?Yes, you could collect any of the Collector Bills multiple times by February 12th, and you receive the value of the bill each time. After all, who doesn’t love candy! Pro Tip: Default your search engine on your browser to Swagbucks to get Collectors Bills and SB every time you google “What time is the Super Bowl?” without even thinking about it. 

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Jan 19

5 Renovations that Can Save You Money


Not everyone can afford elaborate home renovations. However, there are some that may be worth paying for to save you money in the near future. While adding a bedroom may be a bit excessive, smaller jobs can be done around the home that may potentially save you a lot of money each month in energy costs. Some may also promote a safer residence for yourself and the family.

HVAC Repair and Maintenance

Keeping the HVAC system properly maintained can reduce the amount of power it consumes during the summer and winter months. This can be done by preventing wear-and-tear on components as well as keeping the system clog-free for perfect airflow. Experts go beyond simply changing filters as they may inspect the entire system for faults that could be costing you additional money in energy waste.

Fans and Ventilation

A lot of people don’t put into consideration how much of an energy drain the attic can be. Without proper fans and ventilation, it may take your home longer to reach a desired temperature. This is true whether it’s during the summer or during the winter.

Electrical Wiring

The electrical wiring in the home can result in many things from fires to appliance damage. Did you know that a brownout on a non-grounded power line cause cause sever damage to a desktop computer? Making sure the wiring is in top shape can save on repair costs of electronics. In some cases, power lines shorting out can increase your kilowatt usage.

Roofing and Gutters

Proper disposal of water is vital to the functionality of your house. If the roof or gutter system is compromised, it could cause severe damage to the structure in the near future. It’s always best to have the roof inspected periodically to ensure that the home is still protected and safe.


Using a fireplace can take the edge off of a bone-chilling cold without using electricity. In fact, many homeowners utilize their fireplaces regularly to reduce energy costs throughout the winter. However, it can also be hazardous if you don’t have it routinely cleaned. Chimney fires affect many households every year, and you don’t want to subject your family to such risks.

Home renovations don’t need to cost you a second mortgage. Click here now for more information regarding jobs around the house which can save you money. Sometimes spending a little bit of cash now can make sure you have more down the road.

*This is a sponsored post.


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Jan 13

Cold Days Need Warm Drinks! + A Coupon Code!


The perfect partner in your pursuit of a happier and healthier you, Simple Loose Leaf is like having a personal Tea Somalia. Each month, a box of savory loose leaf teas is shipped right to your door for just $17. Each box has 4-5 loose leaf teas, 2 re-usable muslin tea bags and a beautiful card detailing your month’s tea selection. Try each tea and order more from our store with a 50% member’s only discount! Get 25% off your membership (Gift & Ongoing) at Simple Loose Leaf. It’s the perfect box for the tea lover in your life, especially if that tea lover is you! Visit www.SimpleLooseLeaf.com/home

My readers get to save! 25% off Gift Membership or Ongoing Subscription signup – Use code: 25HOLIDAY

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Dec 30

Swagbucks Search & Learn: Mind, Body, Spirit

The New Year is right around the corner. Take a minute and reflect back on all the goals you set your for yourself for 2015. Did you accomplish all of your goals? Great! Did you fall short on a couple? Not a problem, it’s important to always try and better yourself!  New Year’s resolutions are a time-honored tradition. There’s is nothing better than giving yourself an official start date to a new you. And what better date than January 1st! It’s no secret that better health is at the top of most people’s New Year’s resolution lists. Improving the health of your mind, body, and spirit is an integral part to success in almost all facets of life whether it be in your relationships or business! Hopefully this month’s Search & Learn from Swagbucks is a step in the right direction: Swagbucks Search & Learn: Mind, Body, Spirit For those of you who haven’t participated in a Swagbucks Search & Learn, Here’s how it works (Official rules here): 1. Go to the Search & Learn page (you can get there from the button on top left of the Swagbucks home page) each day from January 4th – January 8th. 2. Each day Swagbucks will have 5 new questions related to one of the following categories: Health NutsYogisMeditation DedicationGym RatsCouch Potatoes3. You can either click on the category card OR search from your defaulted Swagbucks Search Engine to find the correct answer! 4. Once you find the answers to all 5 questions, click on the button that says Win 500 SB on the Search & Learn page and complete that day’s survey. 5. Each correct answer (up to 5 each day) will enter you into a drawing to win one of 5 prizes of $5*! 6. Swagbucks will announce the 5 winners the following day at 10am PDT/1pm EDT (Friday’s winners will be announced the following Monday). ALSO – when you use Swagbucks Search as your defaulted search engine during this promotion, you will be entered (up to 5 times per day) into a drawing to win the following prizes:Grand Prize – $500*Runner Up Prizes (20) – $5**All winnings will be paid out in SB. Winners of the Grand Prize and Runner Up Prizes will be announced on Friday, January 15th.

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Dec 29

Band Concert Photos and a Weekly Menu

I have been taking photos the entire time I have been quiet on line, with plans to blog about things. So I figure I would share a few photos with you and then tell you what my planned weekly menu. So here are a few winter band concert photos. Noah is now playing the trombone and Joel is in the back playing the drums.


My two boys usually will not play together in the band due to the age difference so this was a rare occasion. This is the sixth grade band and was Noah’s first band concert, they did a great job. I love listening to Christmas music to help get into the holiday spirit. I also loved seen my two boys playing in the same band!

Now for my weekly menu,

Sunday- we had leftovers.

Monday- we used a gift card at Apple Bee’s. I have to tell you that I love the Lemon Fiesta Chicken but I will admit that I usually replace the rice with mashed potatoes-yuummy!

Tuesday- DH is in charge so we they will most likely have hot dogs and macaroni and cheese.(I will have a salad!)

Wednesday-Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn with homemade dinner rolls.

Thursday- New Year’s Eve is our traditional sea food fest.

Friday- New Year’s Day we usually have chili and corn bread.

Saturday-Roast and potatoes.

What are you eating this week? Did you attend any holiday concerts?

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Dec 27

Our Christmas Vacation

I hope everyone had a very wonderful Christmas! The boys have a total of 13 days off from school. W e are trying to have a bit of resting time, as we have all have had sinus issues and infections, so far. We also need to get things take care of around the house and have fun family time.

My darling husband and I have continually said that we need to start wrapping Christmas presents earlier then Christmas eve. Well, of course I did not finish up shopping until December 23rd and then on Christmas eve, we visit my parents and DH’s parents (and pick up very last minute items!) so that takes up that entire day. We enjoy seeing so much family on that day so it is not something we are willing to give up. Both boys were in bed and asleep at 10:30 for the night, which is when DH and I started our night. We wrapped and filled stockings, and made sure everything was just right. This year we left out cheesecake for Santa, but apparently has we pretty full for the night of cookie eating around the world, as he only took a few bites of the cheese cake and put the leftovers in the fridge.

Noah received a bunch of science magnetic and electricity experiments and a guitar. Joel received a holster for his .45, a throwing tomahawk and a knife. We all got hiking boots and little things. We have been laying low since Christmas eve day, pretty much not evening leaving the house, we are still trying to get rid of this sinus funk. Monday we have an appointment at Shopko optical to get Noah and David’s glasses fitted. Joel and I are going to get trained to put in our contacts. After Shopko, we will go to AppleBee’s for dinner I received a $50 gift card from a friend.

As for the rest of the Christmas vacation from school, David returns to his normal work schedule on Wednesday and I have to go to the office for a few hours on Tuesday. We will continue to clean up the house, right now, it still looks like Christmas was puked over the entire place. I also need to prep for another down state training during the first full week of January and beyond.

My plans for this blog into the new year is to keep you all posted on us more frequently. Espically as we go from a full time worker and a part time jack of many trades worker, to two full time career working family. It will be the first time since I was pregnant with Joel (will be 17 in June!) that I am working full time, which means less time to fart around, so I need to plan and make sure it happens, and this will be my main avenue to do that, I am hoping to blog so much you will be sick of me :) have great new year.

What is your plan for the rest of the winter vacation? By the way, I was asked not to serve anymore ham, so we are having spaghetti tonight with a homemade French loaf.

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Dec 25

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone and God’s richest blessings to you..

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Dec 13

Santa’s Lil Helpers Team Challenge

The holidays are a time to celebrate but they are also a time of giving. There are so many people that don’t have the privilege of a holiday experience they justly deserve, whether it be gifts or a hearty meal. While we celebrate with our family and friends it is important to reflect on all the blessings that have been bestowed on us and remember that we have a duty to help others. That’s why Swagbucks is humbly asking all of you to be Santa’s Lil Helpers this holiday season in their newest Team Challenge!  For the first time ever Swagbucks will allow us to donate your Team Challenge bonuses to a charity of our choice! The season of giving begins Monday, December 14th at 8am PT/12pm ET so get in a giving mood. The Team Challenge ends Friday, December 18th at 12pm PT/3pm ET but you are encouraged to stay in the holiday spirit through New Years of course! All members who participate and contribute at least 200 points to their team’s total will be receive a SB bonus. Members of the 1st place team will receive a 40 SB bonus, members of the 2nd place team will receive a 20 SB bonus! On Monday, December 21st you’ll receive an Inbox message asking if you want to donate your Team Challenge Bonus to a charity of your choice. If you accept, we will donate your bonus, in your name, to your charity! If you are new to the Swagbucks world, make sure to create your free account here. Once you do, you will be able to join the Team Challenge right away and start getting paid for doing your everyday online tasks.  ‘Tis the season to get Swagging and do some good, so lets have some fun and spread the joy!

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Nov 21

Triple Your Cash Back this Holiday Season



Most of us have some sort of cash back rewards on our credit or debit cards. Every time we use them, we get a percentage back in the form of cash or redeemable points that we can save in our rainy day fund, or use to splurge guilt-free, depending on your personality. But you may not know that, with Swagbucks, you could be multiplying those cash back rewards without changing anything about your credit card or spending habits. As you finalize your holiday shopping plans, don’t miss out on this chance to double, triple or even quadruple your cash back from online shopping! Here’s how it works – Swagbucks, which always offers great cash back on major online retail sites throughout the year, is doubling their rewards for the entire holiday season. But wait – On Black Friday (Starting 8pm ET on November 26) and Cyber Monday (November 30) they are offering Triple Cash Back at a huge range of featured online stores, think Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, etc. – plus a wide range of specialty businesses to choose from in order to find the perfect gifts. All you have to do is click on the retailer’s link from Swagbucks and shop from there – that’s it! Keep using your usual card to get your usual cash back rewards, and rack up triple rewards at Swagbucks on the side. The rewards Swagbucks offer differ across retailers, so expect anything from 3% to 24% Cash Back, on top of whatever your card offers not to mention the retailers’ massive sales. As always, with the SB you earn on Swagbucks you can get Visa cash cards or Pay Pal deposits or pick from a huge range of gift cards, some at discounted prices. What’s that? you prefer waiting in the freezing cold lines to shopping at home in your jammies on Black Friday? Well ok, it’s a tradition of sorts, I guess. But make sure you put your time in line to good use – with Swagbucks Mobile Apps, you can put cash back in your wallet just by shivering with your smartphone in hand! Plus, when members use the new Swagbucks Mobile App on Black Friday they will be entered into a $500 Christmas Giveaway! For every 25 SB you earn through the Mobile App, you’ll get an entry into a drawing for $500 or 1 of 20 prizes for $100.  With all these deals you can’t lose, and hopefully you can save that little extra to stretch your holiday budget as far as it needs to go this year. First time hearing about Swagbucks? Well you’re missing out! Sign up for free here.

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Nov 15

Swag Feast Team Challenge

Yup, it’s that time of year again. Time to start getting ready for family, turkey, and deals! To get the feasting started, lets start with the Swag Feast Team Challenge. We love Swagbucks Team Challenges because they get our competitive streak going and they are such an easy way to get cash back for stuff we were already doing. This Swag Fest Team Challenge is no different – starting next week, you can earn 200 SB for your team and get up to 520 bonus SB added on top!So pull up a chair to the table, there’s plenty to go round at Swagbucks. Search the spread for your favorite fowl, white or dark, just save us a leg. Discover delicious dressings, try our gravy or cranberry sauce (canned or fresh) or even both if you’re feeling adventurous. Watch the mashed potatoes and corn bread stuffing though, they’re always a favorite so grab some quick. Don’t forget to Survey our dessert table for your favorite apple, pumpkin or pecan pie unless you’re overquota!   The feast will begin November 16th at 9am PT/12pm ET so get ready to gobble up those points, but you can sign up for your team as early as November 12th. The Swag Feast Team Challenge isn’t over until you hit the next hole in your belt (or November 20th at 12pm PT/3pm ET, whichever comes first)! All members who participate and contribute at least 200 points to their team’s total will receive an exclusive Swag Up Shop Bonus. With the Swag Up Shop Bonus you’ll receive a 100 SB Bonus on up to 5 transactions at unique stores. That means, if you qualify for the Swag Up Bonus, you’ll receive a 100 SB Bonus every time you shop at a unique store up to 5 times (no minimum purchase value, must be a qualifying purchase). But that’s not all. Each member of each team, depending on where the team places will receive a SB bonus! 1st place: 20 SB 2nd place: 15 SB 3rd place: 10 SB 4th place: 5 SB.So get out there and Swag your team to victory! Not on Swagbucks yet? You can get gift cards for the upcoming holidays by signing up here for free and joining the Team Challenge!

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