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Sep 30

$100 Million Day

After 7 plus years, Swagbucks has reached a major milestone today – $100 million in gift cards and cash paid out to its members! To celebrate, they’re giving away tons of points (called SB) that you can use to get free gift cards or cash back! 1. The World of Millions Swag Code Extravaganza 6 Swag Codes 7 am – Answers 9 am – nCrave  11 am – Watch 1 pm – Shop 3 pm – Search 5 pm – Instagram 2. Earn 100 SB Get 100 SB – For the 30th only, you can earn up to 400 bonus SB combined through the following activities Discover = Earn 100 SB get a 100 SB Swag UpnCrave = Earn 125 SB get a 100 SB Swag Up Answer (Surveys Only) = Earn 150 SB get a 100 Swag UpWatch Mobile = Earn 200 SB get a 100 Swag Up Not a Swagbucks member yet? With back-to-school shopping completed and the holidays quickly approaching, a lot of you are probably thinking about your gift shopping list. Swagbucks is a fun rewards program that gives consumers free gift cards and cash and helps families pay for the holidays simply by doing what they are already doing online like shopping, searching the web, watching videos and sharing their opinions. Here’s a video showing how fun and easy it can be… There is no limit to how many points Swagbucks members can earn and they never expire. Points can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or for gift cards for hundreds of retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Toys R Us, and more. Sign up today and if you earn 300 points, called SB today (that’s equivalent to a $3 Amazon Gift Card), you’ll get an additional 300 SB bonus on top of everything else! It’s simple, it’s free and it works. Click here to join today!

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Sep 15

Buy Hefty Trash Bags Earn SwagBucks

I did this deal, Did you? Hello everyone has to purchase trash bags you may as well get something out of it!>

During the month of September, you can earn up to 1000 points on Swagbucks when you buy two or more packs of Hefty trash bags at your local Walmart. That’s enough for a $10 Walmart gift card!

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to your local Walmart and buy a pack of Hefty trash bags, or buy from Walmart online and select the FREE pickup in store option.

2. Take a picture of your purchase along with the qualifying receipt and email it to iredeemedhefty@swagbucks.com – make sure to include your Swagbucks username in the subject line!

3. Get credited with 400 SB. If you purchase two or more packs, you’ll get enough SB for a $10 Walmart gift card!

That’s all there is to it. If you don’t have a Swagbucks account yet, just sign up when you get to the page and this offer will get you enough points for your first free gift card!

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Sep 15

Freebie Alert! : Guitar Scales Handbook Kindle Book!

Are you a homeschooling Mom that is trying to fit music lessons into the already stretched out budget? This freebie is a great source of music lessons! The free book is available TODAY only, no coupon code needed.  Even if you do not have a guitar right now, download it anyways. What if your child puts a guitar on his letter to Santa? Well, guess what-you are prepared with four to six years of self-paced lessons that you can use child after child.   Guitar Scales Handbook: A Step-By-Step, 100-Lesson Guide to Scales, Music Theory, and Fretboard Theory (Book & Streaming Videos)”. This free Kindle eBook can be read on laptop and desktop computers, tablets (like iPads), smart phones (like iPhones), and all Kindle devices. It is a beginner to advanced guitar technique, songwriting, improvisation & basic music theory course: an eBook and free streaming guitar-lesson videos.

guitar ScalesGuitar Scales Handbook: A Step-By-Step, 100-Lesson Guide to Scales, Music Theory, and Fretboard Theory 

This free kindle book offers the equivalent of four to six years of guitar lessons all for FREE!!!

This new edition, with over 200 lessons, guitar licks, exercises and scales-over chords concepts, this new, interactive edition book and streaming video course is all you will ever need for learning guitar scales and how to apply them to make your playing more expressive and musical!

Damon Ferrante, guitar instructor and music professor, guides you through step-by-step lessons and streaming videos that will teach you guitar scales and how to use them in your guitar solos, licks, and music making. The lessons are designed to improve your guitar technique, musicality, creativity, understanding of music theory, and give your playing and songwriting more power, color and expressiveness, whether you play Rock, Metal, Blues, Country, Pop, Jazz, or Classical. Along the way, you will also memorize the notes of the guitar neck!

Used by thousands of professional guitarists, students, and teachers, this book and streaming video course will take your guitar playing to a whole new level!

No Music Reading is Necessary!

Check Out the Exciting Materials the Book and Streaming Videos Cover:

* Alternate Picking Technique
* Legato Technique
* Music Theory
* How to apply the scales to your playing
* Intervals
* Warm-up Exercises
* Technique Building Exercises
* Guitar Licks
* Notes of the Guitar Neck
* Jam Tracks
* Developing Good Practice Habits
* Blues Scales and Modes
* Major Scales and Modes
* Natural Minor Scales
* Harmonic Minor Scales and Modes
* Melodic Minor Scales
* Pentatonic Major Scales
* Whole-Tone Scales
* Exotic Scales
* Octatonic Scales

There are free bonus lessons for the book available on the Steeplechasemusic.com website. The links and information are in the front of the Kindle edition.

From the Author

As a guitarist and guitar teacher, for over 25 years, I was always looking for a book that would teach scales and the music theory behind them in a fun, useful and musical format. Since I could not find one for my students, I decided to write one myself. Guitar Scales Handbook is the product of these efforts and is designed for Beginner through Advanced guitarists.Guitar Scales Handbook includes Free Video Jam-Tracks, which let you have fun practicing your scales by improvising and playing along with rock, funk, metal, rockabilly, pop, and country backing backing tracks.You might also find Guitar Scales Handbook useful and fun, if you are a:

  • Guitarist (from beginner to professional / advanced level), who would like to improve your technique, creativity, musical vocabulary, and music theory and fretboard understanding.
  • Guitar Teacher, who is looking for material to teach your students about scales, music theory, the notes of the guitar neck, fretboard theory, technique, and improvising / building guitar solos.
  • Teacher, who would like to play the guitar in the classroom and improve your technique, creativity, and understanding of the guitar.
  • Parent, who would like your children to learn how to play the guitar.
  • Musician, who would like to add the guitar to the instruments you know how to play.
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Sep 08

Three for All Extreme!


Three for All is back at Swagbucks, but with a twist! That’s right, when you refer a friend to join Swagbucks between Tues, 9/8 and Wed, 9/30, and they earn 300 SB, they will get an additional 300 SB bonus AND YOU will also get a 300 SB bonus for referring them. The referred member must earn the 300 SB by Wed, 9/30 to get the bonus.

PLUS: we’re giving away 10,000 SB each to 5 lucky newly referred members AND 5 lucky members who invite a friend, so start spreading the word about getting gift cards and putting cash back in your pocket with Swagbucks!

Some of you may ask, OK, but how can I earn 300 SB by the end of the month? Well here’s one guide to help you earn 300 SB in just 1 week:

  • Daily Poll: 1 SB per day = 7 SB
  • Daily Crave (US & Canada only): 1SB per day = 7 SB
  • 1 Survey = approx. 50 SB (payout and availabilty varies)
  • SBTV app (US, Canada, UK): up to 36 SB per day = 252 SB

There are plenty of other ways to earn SB, like watching videos on a desktop/laptop, trying out Special Offers & deals, or even using a search engine and browsing new content online! All these points, called SB, can be redeemed for gift cards from hundreds of major retailers! So tell your friends and family, and make this Three for All the best one yet! Not a member? Grab your 300 SB bonus andsign up now.

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Sep 04

Shop Macy’s for SBs

Macy’s is unveiling their new Star Wars line, and Swagbucks is here to help you get more cash back
into your pocket just for shopping there. When you shop at Macys.com via
Swagbucks Shop, you’ll earn 6 SB per dollar now through Friday, Sept
11th. Plus, take advantage of more savings with 20% off.

But it gets better: Swagbucks members who make any Macy’s purchases by Friday,
Sept 11th, will automatically be entered to win one of 23 awesome
(1) Grand Prize: $250* Gift Card
(1) Second Prize: $100* Gift Card
(1) Third Prize: $50 Gift* Card
(20) Runner Ups of $5* Gift Cards
Get cash back in your pocket when you shop at Macy’s through Swagbucks Shop, and you could win even more! Not a member yet? Swagbucks is how I paid for my father’s day gifts and you could earn even more. Sign up here.

*All Prizes will be paid out in SB

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Sep 01

Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection Review



Fans Can Now Enjoy The In-Home Debuts of the Beloved Animated Shorts “Frozen Fever,”  “Lorenzo,” 

and “Tick Tock Tale.” Also includes Academy Award®-Winning Animated Shorts “Feast” (2014)

and “Paperman” (2012), Special Filmmaker Introductions and More!


About:                                         From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes an extraordinary new collection of award-winning and beloved short films featuring Disney’s Frozen Fever, starring Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff, and the Oscar®-nominated Lorenzo (Best Animated Short, 2004).  The Short Films Collection includes contemporary shorts starring classic characters, such as the groundbreaking 2013 Mickey Mouse cartoon, Get A Horse! And the holiday treat Prep & Landing: Operation: Secret Santa, as well as celebrated Oscar winners Paperman (2012) and Feast (2014). Enjoy them together for the first time in this must-own collection with all-new extras including an inside look at the Disney Animation shorts, featuring introductions and interviews with the acclaimed filmmakers themselves.

Shorts (and filmmakers appearing in each Shorts Introduction):

Frozen Fever (2015) – Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee, Peter Del Vecho, Aimee Scribner

Feast (2014) – Academy Award® Winner, Patrick Osborne, Kristina Reed

Get A Horse! (2013) – Academy Award® Nominated, Dorothy McKim, Eric Goldberg, Adam Green

Paperman (2012) – Academy Award® Winner, Kristina Reed, John Kahr

Tangled Ever After (2012) – Nathan Greno, Aimee Scribner, Mark Kennedy

The Ballad of Nessie (2011) – Kevin Deters, Stevie Wermers-Skelton, Dorothy McKim

Tick Tock Tale (2010) – Dean Wellins

Prep & Landing: Operation Secret Santa (2010) – Kevin Deters, Stevie Wermers-Skelton, Dorothy McKim

How to Hook Up Your Home Theater (2007) – Kevin Deters, Stevie Wermers-Skelton, Ian Gooding

The Little Matchgirl (2006) – Academy Award® Nominated, Dave Bossert, Tom MacDougall

Lorenzo (2004) – Academy Award® Nominated, Mike Gabriel

John Henry (2000) – Mark Henn

Bonus Features:                  FILMMAKER INTROS – The filmmakers behind the shorts share their journeys and introduce their films.

During the summer we are a family on the go, so it is hard to fit in an entire DVD. But this past week my oldest son sprained his knee so we had a bit of unplanned free time sitting around the house. While this is not his usual taste of movies, he did admit that the short stories were cute.

I love all things Disney so I absolutely love all the the short stories on this dvd and thing any Disney buff would agree with me.

Disclosure: We were given a copy of the dvd exchange for our honest review.

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Aug 07

Swagbucks Pays: For the Movies!


We all love going to the movies during the summer. Whether you prefer the biggest blockbusters or the sweetest romantic comedy, Swagbucks can get you into the movies for free! Swagbucks is a rewards site that gives you points called “Swag Bucks” for things like searching, watching videos & browsing articles. You redeem those Swag Bucks for gift cards to places like Amazon, PayPal — and yes, even to the movies.

My favorite way to use my Swagbucks is to save them up for Amazon.com gift cards for Christmas and Father’s Day presents for my darling hubby! This June I was able to get David a great weed wacker completely for free using my saved up Swagbucks! No money came out of our family budget and he was completely surprised.

Here’s how Swagbucks can help you can turn watching videos online into your watching movies in the theater for free: Earning 1,500 SB gets you enough for a $15 movie gift card from AMC or Regal Cinema! Whether you’re on the go, at home, or stuck at a desk, here’s how you can get your $15 movie gift card in just 1 week:

SBTV mobile on Android & iOS: Earn up to 36 SB per day watching everything from food videos & news to Hulu clips & music videos – 252 SB

Moviecli.ps app on Android & iOS: Get 18 SB per day watching the latest movie trailers – 126 SB

EntertaiNOW app on Android & iOS (US only) – You can also earn another 18 SB per day checking out news on movies and TV shows, behind-the-scenes interviews and celebrity gossip – 126 SB

SBTV on Desktop: Watch a little bit of everything, including Hulu clips & music videos, but with a higher earning cap of 150 SB per day – 1,050 SB

When you have a specific SB goal (like a $15 AMC or Regal Cinema gift card) and a plan of action, you’ll get gift cards faster and check out the newest action-comedy or Oscar-nominated drama without spending extra money. There are even more ways to earn SB online, so take a look around and see what works best for you. You don’t have to wait until the next blockbuster comes out to start saving up with Swagbucks!

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Aug 04

today’s 5 frugal things

I have been MIA for a very long time, please forgive me. I have been very busy, lately and yes I have been taking photos I plan to post along with my updates soon. I came along a blog that encouraged me to start posting my 5 frugal things, like right now. SO I am going to blog my today’s 5 frugal things I did. A small warning: we experienced a death of a close family member yesterday!

I know times like this is when especially need to focus on being frugal, so I am going to focus on 5 frugal things we did today.

1. We were tempted to invite (and pay) for my sister-in-laws  and her family’s lunch. but instead in the process of work errands we ordered pizza to go for a mere $27 it was awesome and feed 4 adults, 3 teens and 1 youngster. Imagine the costl if we took everyone to lunch.

2. I worked at the small county fair, but took the time to sit in on a handful of cooking demonstrators and learned a lot. I learned to make bread in a bag, and was totally surprised not only did I see them do it. The audience got to do it also and they bake our bread, ALL for free! yay love the fair! gotta love free a fresh homemade wheat bread! yummy

3. My garden is going to be beaming with ripe yummy veggies and strawberries.

4.  so far so good at keeping the job I know and love.

5. we are trying to use up what we have.

this week have been so hard, my husband lost one of his brothers to cancer after have so many years of fighting. I know he is looking down upon us and his is loving what we are planning. Love that stubborn dude a LOT!

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Jun 15

Swagbustuers Team Challenge

Swagbucks just announced a new Team Challenge: Swagbusters! From now through June 19th at 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT, earn as many points as you can for your team & get bonus SB!

There are 4 teams, and all members who join and contribute at least 100 points to their team will be rewarded with more SB:

1st place team: 80 SB

2nd place: 50 SB

3rd place: 30 SB

4th place: 20 SB

Contributing points is easier than you think, and there are many ways to earn SB AND contribute to the Team Challenge:

  • Encrave – Discover great content, earn SB, and contribute 25 pts to your team!
  • Search – Grab rewarding search wins through the Swagbucks Search Engine & contribute 20 pts to your team!
  • SwagButton – Just by having the SwagButton on your desktop browser, you will contribute 15 pts to your team each day of the Team Challenge.
  • Swagstakes – Are you feeling lucky? Redeem your SB for a Swagstakes entry! Contribute 15 pts to your team.
  • Referrals – Spread the Swagbucks love! Contribute 15 pts to your team when you have a referral register during the Team Challenge.
  • Special Offers – Earn SB discovering Special Offers! Contribute 10 pts to your team.
  • Mobile Offers – Have a busy lifestyle? Earn SB on the go with Mobile Offers! Contribute 10 pts to your team.
  • Mobile Videos – Waiting in line at the grocery store? Watch SBTV Mobile anywhere and anytime! Contribute 10 pts to your team every time you fill up your SBTV meter.
  • Swag Codes – Redeem daily Swag Codes through the SwagButton browser extension or the Swagbucks Mobile App! Contribute 5 pts to your team.

Not a Swagbucks member yet? It’s how I get gift cards to spend on shopping, holiday gifts and more Amazon gift cards . And with many different SB-earning opportunities like the Swagbusters Team Challenge, you can get your first gift card even faster. Sign up here.

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Jun 12

An Update on ME!!

What a year 2015 has shaped up to be! I have been MIA except for a few product reviews and movies. I got a new job and started in January, the job was meant for me. If I could have choose the job, and the details it would have been this job. By all means I should have been happy, but there was a slight underlying sadness in me. I had not noticed, you know the little things that you sweep under the rug, or shrug off, like tiredness, but not being able to sleep, weeping,  all the classic depression symptoms. I had not really thought about it until, I was speaking to someone real close to me and she mentioned that she had her doctor up the amount of antidepressant medication. I had an appointment with my primary care provider for my annual checkup. While she and I were speaking I started weeping, over something silly, she actually suggested on a trial basis we up the dosage of my antidepressant. OMG it has made a world of difference!! I dont cry at TV commercials, and I am not tired all the time and I actually sleep at night time like a normal person. The needed sleep has given me back a bit of energy and improved quality of life for me AND my family. If mama is not happy no one is, sure is true in my house! So I am happy and my family is also so now I have a bit to give back to my blog, which I know has been suffering.

So with that long story not short lol, HI I am back. Leave me a comment to let me know how you are and if you are still around. I will update with details of the last 6 or so months over the weekend, but for right now I need to go celebrate my oldest son’s 16th birthday.

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